So you're ready to find the perfect new hire? You know, the one who’s expertly skilled, has great banter, and values a good Melbourne coffee?

At Torii Recruitment we help you find that person! Being immersed in the tech scene is our speciality; we network with the best and brightest out there and match them with the most progressive organisations (that’s you).

We take our time to get to know potential candidates, effectively evaluate their skillset and understand what makes them tick – so you don’t have to. I mean, there’s no point trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, that’s never going to work – and we won’t waste your time trying to make it.

We pride ourselves on our ability to truly understand our clients and their needs so we know the right candidate fit when we find it. Some may even say we’re like the Yoda of the recruitment world. But we don’t want to toot our own horn or anything, just check out our Testimonials page – you’ll know we weren’t kidding about the whole Yoda thing.

When I talk about Torii (which I do) the thing I tend to focus on is that you seem to put forward a consistently high quality of candidate. Beyond that I'm also impressed with the structure and consistency you place around ensuring candidates are scheduled, followed up, etc..
Doug English
Torii is our preferred Tech recruiter. We have been working with Joe for years. He makes recruiting easy, delivers great candidates, and is the ultimate in professionalism. We would highly recommend Torii recruitment.
Alexandra Lewis - General Manager
What stood out to us most about working with Torii Recruitment was the outstanding quality of their candidates. They understood what we were looking for and the high level of skill that we needed, and they provided us with some excellent developers who have been a huge asset to our team.
Jack Zhang
We have been using Torii for years now and that in itself speaks volumes. When looking for great talent it's often a challenge, "do they have the right skills", "will they fit our culture". It's often the hardest decision a founder makes especially in the early days. The team at Torii really help you along the way in finding great talent.
David Fastuca - CMO & Co-Founder
Torii worked with me for approximately four years, helping us acquire software engineers and designers. They were very effective at finding candidates that fit our culture and our technical needs, and this cut down on the amount of screening work we had to do. I would work with Torii again, especially in comparison to a large firm, because they were very flexible and really adapted to our very specific requirements.
Paul Coia - Ex CTO
“The team at Torri undoubtedly have an intimate understanding of the technology market. They have proven time & time again through the presentation of quality candidates, that they can be relied upon to find the right person for a variety of challenging roles. I’ve not received the same level of quality service from any other recruitment agency that I’ve worked with.”
Steve Crouch - Manager of Web Development